For the treatment of lower back pain, lumbago, sciatica, problems of the knee, hip shoulder and even lockjaw

According to the Asian art of healing, all physiological and psychological disorders of the human being are the result of an insufficient supply of vital energies to the body. This energy „Chi“ in Chinese, „Ki“ in Japanese and „Prana“ in Hindi - flows through intertwined pathways in the body, so called meridians. There are twelve such pathways associated with specific organs. They supply the human body with vital energy and connect it to the outside system or “world”. APM's efficacy is deduced from the Chinese science of energy, which is also the basis for traditional acupuncture. This principle can be applied not only with needles but with any other physical stimulus. Sport injuries respond particularly well to APM treatment. 


  • 60 min - 120.- CHF
  • home treatment fee -  30.- CHF