You may choose between a deep tissue or relaxing massage

The main reason why a massage doesn't just feel good but is actually physically beneficial is that it influences the tension of the muscles, it increases circulation and it boosts metabolism.

Medical massage describes the strategy to combine all techniques in order to provide the best possible result. Depending on the type of massage, it can be either soothing or exhilarating, it can make you become more conscious of yourself, it can stimulate your body's own healing powers, it can heighten your awareness of the state of your body and it can thus help to diagnose imbalances early on.

Medical massage has been successfully applied to alleviate the following disorders and ailments:
tensions, stressed muscles, knots in the tissue, disorders of the circulation or the metabolism, muscle pain and pain in the articulations, headaches and migraines, bad posture, nervousness, stress, sleeping disorders and changeable moods.


  • 40 min  -   chf   75.-
  • 60 min  -   chf   110.- 
  • home treatment fee -   chf   30.-