Very smooth and delicate massage

More than 60% of our body is made up of a liquid system comprising arteries, veins and the lymphatic system, (The latter is less well known but just as important!!!) The lymphatic system fulfils three essential functions: 1) It is our body’s cleaning system. 2) It is the origin of the immune activity, in other words, of the defence activity. 3) It is the cradle of our physical beauty. Original method according to Dr. E. Vodder; rigorous scientific method, recognised all over the world for its reliably therapeutic effect. Indicated for aesthetic conditions: face lifts, visual improvements to the skin, cellulitis, liposuction, etc. Indicated for medical conditions: migraine and cephalalgia, insomnia, liquid retention , acne, etc.


  • 40 min -  chf  75.-
  • 60 min - chf   110.-
  • home treatment fee  -  chf   30.-