Massaging your feet in a particular way. Healthful and relaxing.

Reflexology is a form of therapy in which the human body is treated as a whole as each organ in the body corresponds to a zone on the feet.

The body’s entire organism is reflected in zones and reflex areas on and under the feet. By applying pressure to the corresponding reflex areas, signals are sent out to the respective organ thereby bringing back the organism into harmony and touching the human being both a spiritual and physical level.

This type of massage stimulates the metabolism and acts on the respective organs from a distance. Not unlike the sediments that settle at the bottom of a glass, numerous tensions may accumulate in the feet. Upon pressure being applied, the body gets the chance to get rid of these imbalances and find its balance again.

Reflexology can be employed in many ways since the natural will to live of the human being knows how to deal with this reflex. Reflexology has a positive effect on: digestion problems, headaches, period pains, hormonal conditions, etc. 


  • 30 min -  chf    60.- 
  • 60 min -  chf  110.-
  • home treatment fee  -  chf 30.-